Colorado Mastermind was founded in 2014 as a small meetup group by a handful likeminded entrepreneurs who wanted to truly grow their passions into thriving businesses.

They were tired of other groups with hidden sales presentations, restrictive rules, and/or early morning meetings. Years later, what started as a small group who met over pie and coffee to collaborate, has grown into a wonderful community of 2000+ new and experience business owners across the Denver Metro area.

This group is for you if you have or are willing to adopt a mindset of growth. It's for those looking for an opportunity to connect with others with big dreams who nourish the mentality necessary for personal, professional, family, social, and/or entrepreneurial development.

Hi, I’m David Bee

David Bee started working in the retail world in high school around the year 2001. After years of under-appreciation David decided to branch off and create something new that would add value to the world.

Though it was (and continues to be) an incredible journey of trial, error, failure, and success, David Bee now spends the majority of his time helping others create their own epic adventure. For those who have a burning passion inside of them, or a heartfelt mission they need to share, David Bee can help you turn it into a functional business, avoiding the financial, and technical mistakes that he went through.

David Bee is different because while most other business development coaches just 'lecture' and 'teach' the steps that could work, David actually works 1-1 with you to set up real systems for your business. This let's you avoid the feeling of overwhelm and frustration that comes when learning new technologies, social media marketing, website development, etc. allowing you to do what you do best; sharing your expertise and gifts with those who need it!

Amazingly, he will also help you do it faster, cheaper, and easier than just about any other business or personal development coach in the industry, (plus, you will have dramatically more fun doing it than you could possibly expect!)

Available Support

David Bee can help you in 3 different ways:

Sharing what he knows (free)

Working 1-1 (cost effective)

Doing it for you (fastest)

  • Sales Funnel Setter-up-er
  • Zoom Event Helper
  • Digital Course Creation Partner
  • Creative Business Loan Finder
  • Legal Help Buddy
  • Live Event Supporter